Checkmate supplies the machines to make this amazing product

Checkmate Environmental Solutions are the sole distributor of the Envirolyte range of machines, for all applications in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. Checkmate – Enviorolyte machines manufacture the product Anolyte and Checkmate are a leading authority on the methodology, usage and application of Anolyte.

Anolyte is composed of water and Hyphochlorus Acid (HCOl) which is a natural product, produced from salt / water and electricity. It is the only natural Chlorine and is natures sanitiser for all animals, including humans. Within our body, muscles and organs produce electricity. This electricity separates salt in our blood to produce the main ingredient of our immune system HCOl (Hypochlorus acid) commonly known as Anolyte.

Safer World

Anolyte was first used to treat wounded soldiers in the World War I, with great success. However, the Anolyte produced had a very short shelf life (4 days). In 1928 penicillin was discovered, opening the gateway to other antibiotics, which have since been used extensively, however the antibiotic period may be coming to an end due to resistance. Anolyte is a product that bacteria and viruses cannot build a resistance to.

First Discovery & History

Michael Faraday discovered the process of electrolysis of salt water which formed Anolyte and Catholyte in 1837. In the early 1970’s Russian scientists perfected better Anolyte production and extended the shelf life to two years. Anolyte boosts the immune system of any animal, or person that ingests, or absorbs it through their skin. It is completely safe to use, having the same toxicity as milk and water.

Natural Biocide

With the advent of antibiotic resistance, Anolyte is being increasingly utilised as a natural, highly efficient biocide and immune booster for farm animals and humans. Anolyte is the most effective biocide against, fungus, bacteria and viruses and has a unique ability to overcome bacterial resistance.

Industry Benefits

Naturally Organic, Safe and Cost Effective

By adding Anolyte to water and feed for cattle, we can achieve:

  • Improved Animal Husbandry, Enhanced Protein & Fat Production
  • Increase Shelf Life of Food and Fodder
  • Substantial Reduction of Antibiotics and Chemicals in the Food Chain
  • Increased Production and Quality
  • Sanitising Potable Water
  • Reduction of Odours, Bacteria and Harmful Residues in Waste Water

Revolutionary products that will transform your industry

The applications for Anolyte are infinite and include any process requiring sterilisation, disinfecting or water purification.

EL Anolyte Generators

The EL Models will produce 40 to 1200 Litres per Hour of Anolyte ANK. Easy operating procedures give the added benefit to rapid delivery of safe and fast acting disinfectant-Anolyte. They...

ELA Type Generators

The ELA Models will produce 20 to 6000 Litres per Hour of Anolyte ANK. It is our next step for development of automated machines to match the needs of our customer's, for the generation of...

ANW Type Generators

The EL-....ANW or ELA-.....ANW Models will produce 20 to 6000 Litres per Hour of Anolyte ANK while using less salt and energy. About 1,5 grams of NaCL and ~ 4 Watts of energy are required to...

CG – Catholyte Generators

The CG series of Catholyte Generators are designed to produce Catholyte on site and on demand from NaCL brine with NaOH concentration ranging from 1 to 16 Grams per litre at a Ph of 11.5 to 3.5....

HD Type Generators

The EL-....HD or ELA-.....HD Models can produce an active chlorine concentration of Anolyte ANK between 1000 to 8000 ppm while using less salt and energy. About 3,0 g of NaCL and ~ 5,5 W of...

Industrial Water Ionizers

ECO units are designed for purifying potable water that doesn's meet the WHO (World Health Organisation) health standards. They have undergone independent medical-biological testing, confirming...


he Output capacity of the cells is indicated in terms of Anolyte ANK, for our Neutral pH liquid at a strength of 500 ppm of active chlorine concentration. Cell configurations are optimised to...